Brazil is a specially well-endowed destination for this sport. The existence of adequate locations with good infrastructure and beautiful scenery attracts the attention of sporting tourists who arrive in large numbers at the most varied Brazilian destinations in search of sophisticated golf courses. In 2003 the National Golf Tourism Bureau was opened and it now presents the main Brazilian
golf courses to the public.

COMANDATUBA OCEAN COURSE – Transamerica Comandatuba – Ilheus, BA
Coastal 6,928-yard 18-hole course, with par 72. Winds at the end of the afternoon, usually starting at 04:00 pm. Holes more likely to suffer the action of the wind : 14, 16 and 18.
The Comandatuba Ocean Course is a modern and sophisticated golf course, that is in line with the latest trends of the sport. Located in the charming Comandatuba Island, it suffers the action of oceanic winds that vary up to four times a day. Those characteristic, combined with strategically located undulations, unevenness of the terrain and sand traps make the course truly challenging for both professionals and amateur players.

The Terravista Golf Course is one of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in Latin America. It is located in the area of Trancoso, in the South of the state of Bahia, surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of Costa do Descobrimento (Discovery Coast), which includes beaches and the typical vegetation of the Atlantic Forest. The course was inaugurated in 2004 and has four options of starting tees in each hole and a complete practice area, including a 350-yard driving range. Its “postcard” is the hole number 14, a 216-yard par, located on top of a cliff, at an altitude of 131.23 ft (40 m) in relation to the beach.
The golf course of the Terravista Golf Course covers a total area of 837,193.03 yd² (700,000 m2) and has 18 holes. The “postcard” of the course is hole number 14, a 216-yard par 3 hole from the yellow tee (professionals).

COSTA DO SAUIPE GOLF LINKS, Costa do Sauipe, Bahia
The view of the sea is one of the attractions of the golf course of the Costa do Sauípe Golf Links, entirely built on the dunes of the Costa dos Coqueiros (Coconut Tree Coast), in the state of Bahia. The infrastructure of the course provides the ideal conditions for the practice of the sport and for the organization of International tournaments. There are 789,353.43 yd² (660,000 m²) and 18 holes, where several modalities of golf are practiced.
The Golf Links course covers a total area of 7,104,180.88 ft² (660.000 m2) and has 18 holes. The easiest holes are holes numbers 4, 10 and 17. The most difficult ones are holes numbers 7, 9 and 16

BUZIOS GOLF CLUB RESORT - Búzios, state of Rio de Janeiro
Par 36, coastal 6,982-yard 18 holed course. Northeast and East winds, in the afternoon.
The course of the Búzios Golf Club & Resort is considered one of the best courses in Latin America for the practice of the sport. With a design that incorporates and makes the most of the geographical accidents of the area, it was inaugurated in 1996. It has 18 holes in 6,982 yards and a dramatic contour of the fairways and greens. The mild weather, the topography, and the nature of the place offer the players the most comfort possible.

HOTEL DO FRADE GOLF RESORT - Angra dos Reis, State of Rio
Located in Angra dos Reis, on the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, the golf course of the Hotel do Frade & Golf Resort is famous for its scenic beauty. Along 6,420 yards, the golfer meets hills, rivers of crystal clear waters, and natural ponds, arriving, in its highest part, to the hillsides of the Atlantic Forest. Beginners have the attention of instructors and can rent all the equipment they may need for the practice of the sport in the very hotel.
The golf course of the Hotel do Frade & Golf Resort has 18 holes. The easiest holes are holes numbers 9, 14 and 17. The most difficult ones are holes numbers 3, 7 and 12.