It is said that here in Brazil, every city has a church, a square and a football field. The sport is a national passion and is played on all corners of the country by all age groups. It does not matter the place – grass, sand, mud, asphalt - , all one needs is a ball to score a goal.
The country’s main championship is the Brazilian Cup, from April to December, with games on almost all weekends. Other state cups, national and South American tournaments take place at the same time. To follow the games of the National Squad, mainly during the World Cup, also provides be a show on its own. Fans fill bars, friends’ homes, staying in front of the TV to watch the matches. In case of victory, the streets become small for so much celebration.
There are countless options for those who wish to learn a little about the football art of a five-times world champion. Many clubs offer schools for children and interchange programs for foreign players.