Fishing in Brazil
Brazil has over 3,000 identified species of freshwater fish and over 500 species of amphibians. The most well-known fish in Brazil is the piranha.

Sport fishing is a modality gaining more and more adepts around the world. Ecologically correct and quite pleasurable, it offers all the emotion to a fisherman in fighting fish, which is caught and later released back into the water.
Brazil concentrates one of the largest fish varieties in the world, distributed in hot rivers in the Amazon and Pantanal, in addition to already renowned rivers Araguaia, São Francisco and Paraná. For the lovers of the sport, it is possible to find fighting fish such as the tucunaré-açu, the dorado, and the jatuarana.
For those who prefer sea fishing, the country offers over 8 thousand kilometers of coastline. It is enough space to find powerful swordfish, xaréus, marlins, and wahoos.

Amazon fresh water species as the giant Amazon Peacock bass, the payara or the giant Amazon Catfish are well known between international fishing lovers.

There are regular international fishing cruises involving the Amazon and Manaus region. And, obviously, many local boat and fishing tours, many of them locally customizable. Most of Amazonian tours involve the boat, and some of them the offer of sport fishing.

Rio de Janeiro is also an excellent year-round place for fishing lovers both in coastal and offhore waters.

There are a reasonable offer for fishing tours along the shore of Rio de Janeiro and Rio Greeb Coast. It includes the Tropical Islands (Sepetiba Bay), Ilha Grande, Angra dos Reis, Parati, Buzios, Cabo Frio and Arraial do Cabo. Fishing cruises may be extended and include bird watching, dolphin watching or snorkeling...

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The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente E Dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis or IBAMA) is the federal agency operating through the Ministry of Environment that polices all environmental law and grants permits.
Hunting (or in any way molesting) whales and dolphins is outlawed in Brazilian waters. Punishment can be a two to five year prison sentence, fine and seizure of vessel.

Fishing licences
Fishing licences (licença de pesca) in Brazil are required for anyone fishing with a rod, from a boat or underwater. Forms to apply for a licence are available at fishing shops and the IBAMA.
To obtain a licence, all that is required is a CPF number (foreigner's applying for a licence may supply their passport number instead) and payment of a fee. Licences from IBAMA can be applied for online or by post.
• IBAMA Tel: (61) 3316 1633
• To download the application form: (Portuguese) and enter the CPF or passport number