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Travel, is a Passion that runs in the Nagy family. After working for 14 years in the incentive outbound business, Anna found her true passion, the inbound world, in Brazil and Walpax. Anna is in her element and finds joy in showcasing the country she has adopted as her own. Each project is a challenge and the best reward and ultimate goal is that special smile on a client’s face.

Anna loves to travel, go places, meet people and above all living in Brazil and spending some days off in Búzios!

Is always looking for something new and exciting to do. Creative activities and new places are Regina’s specialties.

Whenever there is some free time, Regina’s best meeting stop is one of Rio´s many fantastic beaches.

An expert of programs with exciting ideas and a cocktail of cultures: French heart, a German adventure and last but not least a Brazilian soul!

Her favorite subject: what to do this weekend. Art galleries, movies, beach, or a cocktail with friends are always on her list of things to do!

Programs with a twist of the unexpected are what makes her seek high and low for new and exciting things to do.

Her day to day life reflects her compromise with quality and inventiveness. She loves cats and devotes them all the care in the world.

He has been described as a “black belt” when working for groups and incentives, in fact his approach is for the commitment martial arts require.

Needless to say, he is always practicing as a champ that he is.

Loves to read and has a remarkable attention to details. She is never at a loss for new products and gimmicks with a sense of humor. She is like a fountainhead of ideas and her programs reflect this a prolific imagination and a sense of perfection.

She meets the challenge of putting together an exclusive programs with a touch of class with professionalism. A treasure chest of ideas become a one-of-a-kind itinerary for special clients.

Painting is her get away and biggest passion.

Tradition and new things are two trends in her programs, the fun of presenting something new is like adding zest to gourmet dishes, or putting together Brazil’s many flavors.

Ana Carolina has a curious mind and a rich repertoire of ideas.

With Karolina among the Leisure specialists, we know that she is the person with a passion for people and travel and that she is at the very right spot.

Karolina loves to sing and lightens our days in the office …. Karaoke is her beach!

Surfing is not restricted to weekends, but rather to create a program that will show clients’ the thrill of a swell.

Experience counts when it comes to operations. A dash of audacity is always welcome when scheduling program activities and Geraldo Franco is the expert.

Big fan of classical movies and cinema in general, he is back to our team and stands with the legendary Excalibur to help our operational department.

It is no surprise that she loves to live downtown Rio, where streets and buildings carry a bit of the history of a wonderful city! Besides knowing her part of town as the palm of her hand, she applies the same gusto to explore new products and places.

On weekends Isabela and friends are always in the lookout of new places, cozy restaurants and bars with live music!

A trainee learning the secrets of the inbound business with the best mentors that the market has to offer.

He likes to read and talk to colleagues and friends.

She coordinates the operation with firm hands and a keen eye.

On weekends, her batteries are recharged at the movies.

The expert on the back-of-the-house operation and stats. She has a trained eye for the handling operation and is always a helping hand with their interior decoration ideas.

The pro of our Design team, always with new layouts, photos and formatting. Inventive and a master of computer lore.

Brazil is her specialty, an avid traveler and the perfect snoop, knows where one finds that small detail that makes the difference to a program.