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Lopes Mendes
Ilha Grande – big island – is home to Lopes Mendes, the beach of your dreams, a sweeping 3km of the

Baia do Sancho
Paradise is the word most commonly used to describe Fernando de Noronha, an archipelago 350km off th

Canoa Quebrada
Canoa Quebrada is an old and small village installed on cliffs that was discovered and popularized b

This beach can be considered one of the crown jewels of the city of Trancoso in the southern seaboar

Even more irresistible than the muse who inspired the "Girl from Ipanema" - the song which immortali

Jericoacoara has several of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, with many sand dunes and rocky coa

The 1,100km coastline of the state of Bahia is speckled with spectacular beaches. The long sweep of