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Jericoacoara has several of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, with many sand dunes and rocky coasts, coconut groves and an incredibly blue sea. Located 310 km west of Fortaleza, Ceara's capital, it is almost isolated and access still depends on special vehicles capable of crossing the sand dunes that separate it from the nearest road. Its streets are not paved and electricity is recent. To preserve the environment, an enormous area around the village was transformed into Ubajara and Jericoacoara National Park. Although it was founded by the hippies in the 70s, Jeri, as it is called today, still preserves the features of a small fishing village. Over the past three decades, the relationship between foreigners and inhabitants, which transformed their simple houses into inns and restaurants, has been harmonious, although they continue to practice subsistence fishing. Because of its fame, Jericoacoara now receives Brazilian and foreigner tourists that enjoy its beautiful beaches, tour the extensive coast on dune buggies, and sail on clean blue water lakes. A good program is to watch the beautiful sunset from the top of a sand dune. At night, visit the restaurants to try some of the delicious dishes prepared with fish and seafood. After dinner, the tourists can enjoy an authentic "forró" at the local bars. Those who visit Jeri beach must also visit Jijoca de Jericoacoara, a city only 20 km away, with natural beauties and constant wind to please those who practice water sports such as kitesurf and windsurf. Jericoacoara is one of the few places in Brazil where you can see the birth of the sun and the sunset fall into the sea, from a giant dune located from the western side of the beach, known as the Sunset Dune.

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