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Canoa Quebrada

Canoa Quebrada is an old and small village installed on cliffs that was discovered and popularized by the hippies in the sixties. This beach has transparent water surrounded by enormous multicolored dunes. From the top of these dunes, you could see what the locals call "the magic sunset" or, at night of full moon, the sea becomes a silver mirror where you can see a dancing moon moving across the sea. During the day, besides the beautiful beach, there is plenty of shade and the service of many thatched-roofed, carnauba wood kiosks that line the beach. There are also many dune buggy rides over the sand dunes, "skibunda" (rides down high dunes on boards), sea rafts, horses, "parajipe" (paragliders pulled by jeeps), "banana boats" and many souvenir shops. There are many inns for all tastes, and several restaurants that offer diverse specialties, with flexible hours, a very lively nightlife with nightclubs that stay open from 11:30PM to sunrise. How to get there : By Highway: From the Pinto Martins Airport in Fortaleza, there is a bus that leaves every half hour to the Fortaleza bus station. When arriving at the city's bus station, there are many companies that go to Aracati – some go straight to Canoa Quebrada. The trip from Fortaleza to Canoa Quebrada takes, on average, 4 hours, and access is over the state highway CE-004.

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