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• Campinas

A city called The Land of Tradition, but this is the past – today the city of Campinas looks ahead without forgetting a past of enterprising men and women that were the driving force of tool of a fantastic growth. Two centuries of glory hide a daring economy and the bellwether for many other cities. Here we find the first paces of a rail system that was a key factor for the setting up of a huge coffee plantation brought of the Paraíba Valley.
Campineiros (Campinas inhabitants) are fierce of their heritage and this translates into present day state-of-art Technology Centers, high quality Universities and research centers.
Its hospital network is on demand and the modern facilities and top quality service is on demand and sought-after. In tandem with an aggressive industry, the agriculture maintains its importance. Main products are ethanol, sugar, orange juice, oranges, soy beans and coffee.
Rated one of the 10 best cities in quality of living in Brazil, this busy town maintains to this day good examples of century old architecture and different social mores.
Campinas is the perfect jumping board of an exploratory visit to São Paulo's hinterland.

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