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• Itacaré

Nicknamed "surf-city" by surfers, Itacaré is a resort untouched by mass tourism. Access to most attractions is by foot and trails in the forest, nothing is "obvious" and "evident".
Itacaré is nestled in a preservation area – called APA Itacaré/Serra Grande and its beaches reminds one of small shells; the estuary of the Rio das Contas (river); the Prainha Ecological Reservation with mangrove and Atlantic forest are just a few of the many attractions. The beaches just north and on the left bank of Rio das Contas are reached only by boat. One can always find a small boat in town for rent. Itacaré is a destination where tourists explore on their own the many trails, ford creeks, walk through forest and waterfalls and large stretches of beach, when going from one secluded beach to another, from one waterfall to another, etc. Nightlife is busy since sunset to luau parties that end at dawn and if one is looking for a restaurant, a bar or a place to dance – go to Rua da Praia da Concha (street).

The climate is tropical. Temperatures range from 25ºC to 30ºC, but they can climb to 40ºC in the summer – from December to February. The sun shines all year long, but during the winter months – May and August – rain is more frequent.

How to get there
By Air: the nearest airport is in Ilheus. It receives regular flights from Brazil's main cities. The nearest international airport is in Salvador.
By Highway: take the BA-001 state highway, the new paved road that connects Ilheus to Itacare, along the coast.

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