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• Jericoacoara

Located in the State of Ceará - in the northeast of Brazil – about 300 km west of the city of Fortaleza. Before 1985 Jericoacoara was a small fishermen`s village almost lost in the middle of huge dunes and isolated from the rest of the world. Close to the equator, it is sunny most of the 365 days of the year with temperatures between 28° and 35° Celsius (82° - 92° Fahrenheit). Jericoacoara is today a Preservation Area by law, the protected area of about 200km² ends at the city of Preá in the east and the village of Guriú in the west and within this area it is forbidden to build streets, hunt, fish, or any activities which could result in any contamination. Only in the city of Jericoacoara – which by itself is only of the size of 1 km² - it is possible to build new houses taking care of the local and legal standards. Therefore only 50% of all land can be used for building and houses cannot exceed 250m² and only of a maximum height of 4m. The building of new restaurants and hotels is forbidden.
Among the several attractions of Jericoacoara, the most famous is the "Pedra Furada" (perforated rock), a huge arch built by the action of the wind and the waves, located in the rocky region of Jericoacoara. That area of the beach begins after the "Praia da Malhada", the first beach east of the village of Jericoacoara, out of the bay. The Praia da Malhada is a small beach ideal for surfing and windsurfing. Jericoacoara has a unique geographic location. Located in the north of the Ceará State, with the ocean on the east and on the west, is one of the few places in Brazil where you can the sun rise and set at sea. To watch the sunset, the most popular place is a huge dune west of the village, known as "Duna do Por-do-Sol" (Sunset Dune).

How to get there
By road: from Fortaleza, you should take the BR-222, BR-402, CE-085 and CE-179 motorways; it is a 173,98-mi (280-Km) drive up to Jericoacoara.

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