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• Ilhéus

Gateway to cocoa producing cities and an important port, it became famous as the setting where Jorge Amado´s "Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon" came into being. More than 465 years old it was the capital of the "capitania" – a type of state divided by the Kingdom of Portugal for the first settlement of the country. Today it an interesting gateway to several tourist destinations as well as being the city where the famous "Gabriela Clove and Cinnamon" book tokes place.

The area has hot humid tropical climate. The annual average temperature is around 24°C (75.20°F), with average highs around 29°C (84.20°F), and average lows around 19°C (66.20°F).

How to get there
By Air: There are direct daily flights to Ilhéus from Salvador. There are also flight to Ilhéus from the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo.
By Road: Leaving Salvador on the BR-324 motorway, visitors have to go straight ahead as far as the BR-101 motorway, towards the town of Itabuna. From there they will have to take the BA-262 road, up to Ilhéus. Another option is following the BR-101 motorway as far as the junction with Uruçuca and then continuing to Ilhéus on the BA -001 road.
By Sea: The Malhado Harbour, in Ilhéus, serves as anchorage for ships coming from all parts of the world.

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