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• Imbituba

Marked by the Azorean culture, Imbituba is one of the most sought tourist destinations on the coast of the state of Santa Catarina. Located at 104 km (64.62 mi.) from Florianópolis, the capital of the state, Imbituba has in the beauty of its beaches its greatest attractions. Every summer, the town receives thousands of tourists and sports lovers looking for the waves of the famous Rosa Beach, ideal for surfing. But there are other beaches in Imbituba, all of them equally beautiful and considered as being very clean by the environmental body of the state. Some of them are almost wild, offering the perfect atmospheres for those who want to relax by the sea. In the town we also find ponds, dunes, rivers, and islands. The Ibiraquera pond is known as being a good place for shrimp fishing. In the islands of Sant'Ana de Dentro, Sant'Ana de Fora, Araras, Tacami, Ouvidor and Batuta, it is possible to take schooner rides and to hike in the ecological trails that lead to the beaches or ponds. Another important attraction in Imbituba are the right whales. Between the months of May and November, the coast of the town is the chosen location where the whales go to give birth and feed their calves. They can be seen very near the beach, dazzling both the local residents and the tourists. Imbituba is also known, both Nationally and Internationally because of its harbour, one of the largest harbours in the South Region of Brazil. To receive visitors, the town has a wide and modern infrastructure of hotels, bars, and restaurants, besides having varied stores.

The prevailing climate in Imbituba is temperate, with annual average temperatures between 18°C (64.4°F) and 30°C (86°F).

How to get there
By Boat: since it is a harbour town, it is also possible to get to Imbituba by boat. Its coordinates are 28°14'24" of latitude and 48°40'13" of longitude.
By Road: To get to Imbituba by road, the best option is the BR-101 motorway.

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