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• Itatiaia

The Itatiaia National Park is located on the border of the States of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. It belongs to the Rio townships of Itatiaia and Resende, and the Minas townships of Itamonte, Alagoa and Bocaina de Minas. It is the oldest national park in Brazil. Its low part is about 750 m (2460 ft) high, and it is covered with Atlantic Forest with century-old trees. The high part has a mountainous relief with cliffs and hillsides. The undulated terrain favors the existence of several waterfalls thus ensuring great adventure to visitors that includes mountain climbing and trekking through the brush. The Park can be visited from 8AM to 5PM. The best time of year to get to know the lower part of the Park (located in the township of Itatiaia) is between the months of October and February. However, the best period to get to know the plateau is from May to August, when it is drier.

The region's climate is humid temperate. The average annual temperature is around 21ºC – with an average annual high of 27ºC, and a low of 12ºC.

How to get there
By Road: Starting from the city of Rio de Janeiro, follow Dutra Motorway (BR-116) to Itatiaia. Then go along 8 km (5 miles) more of paved road until the park entrance

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