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• Marajó Island

Marajó island is larger than Denmark with its 48,000 sq.km. The eastern and western parts of the island are two altogether different eco-systems. The eastern side is lush vegetation and flooded areas. The western side, is low vegetation and semi-arid terrain. The island has large cattle, buffalo and bubali ranches. Animal life on the island is very rich and one can see tapirs, deers, paca (a rodent), agoutis and many other species. Narrow riverbanks throbbing with life, where turtles and alligators swim, birds soar in the skies without fear of man. Lager lakes and tiny rivers rich with fish, cut through the green vegetation, in a sort of trail which terminates with the meeting of the waters of Tocantins and Amazon rivers, creating a spectacle which takes one's breath away: a huge tidal wave produced by the result of the struggle between the fresh and salt waters. This is the site where 2 thousand years ago; one of the most important civilizations of South America was founded, leaving traces of its art - especially in ceramics that are appreciated to this day at the Emilio Goeldi Museum.

The climate on the Island and Archipelago is equatorial with constant rain. From June to January, the dry season, the tours are more accessible. During the other months, Marajó is practically flooded due to the constant rains, thus resulting in two seasons, the most rainy and the least rainy – which totally alters the landscape.

How to get there
By Water: from Belém, Pará State capital, there are boats leaving from Av. Marechal Hermes, Shed 15 – Pará Dock Company – CDP. The trip takes approximately 3 hours. Those going by car must take the ferry boat that leaves from Rua Siqueira Mendes, no number (1st street), Icoroaci, 13 km (8 miles) from Belém. Another starting point for tourists arriving by boat is Salvaterra, which is 83 km (51 miles) away as the crow flies, a four-hour boat trip from Belém.
By Air: there are flight options handled by air taxi companies.

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