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• Morro de São Paulo

It is an island to which it is acceded through direct flights from Salvador or by sea. From the wharf of Salvador, in fast catamarans, you can have regulars transfers. Their 40 km of beautiful beaches gives the option of desert or very busy beaches. To dive, to fish, to swim, to walk, to bathe in their natural swimming pools of salty water or in fresh water sources, makes irresistible programs. To all these attractions, we can add the historical side of the island, frequented from the colonial period by the Emperor Don Pedro I, that commanded there to construct a Church above the sea. Without a doubt, the best alternative is to enjoy the sun and the sea. The beaches are identified by numbers: First, Second, Third and Fourth beach. The accommodation is made in rustic and cozy inns or in medium size hotels, on high season is always better to reserve in advance, because the demand increases a lot.

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