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• Santa Cruz Cabrália

It is said that the Portuguese fleet looking for a western passage to India reached the Brazilian coast at this spot. It was the year 1500 when the Portuguese disembarked and were greeted by a tribe of friendly Pataxó indians. The Pataxó descendants live here to this day and welcome visitors to their tribe and reservation. Nearby, we find Coroa Vermelha - Red Crown, for the color of the corals found right in front that form a protection wall to the bay. The João de Tiba river is an attraction for a series of mangrove covered islands. At the distance, the Coroa Alta - High Crown, a huge coral reef with a sand bank and an attraction when the tide is low and the corals emerge and fish are caught in shallow pools.

The weather in the town is quite hot, yet humid, with the annual temperature ranging between 23°C (73.40°F) and 38°C (100.4°F).

How to get there
By Air: The nearest airport is located at 23km (14.29 mi.) from there, in the neighbouring town of Porto Seguro. Flights coming from the main Brazilian capitals land there.
By Road: The motorways that give access to Santa Cruz Cabrália are the BR-101, the BR-367 and the BA-001. The nearest town is Porto Seguro, located at 23km (14.29 mi.) from there.

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