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• Porto Alegre

Founded in 1772, with the foundation of brick factories and stone houses covered with clay roofing constructed on Rua da Praia, where the Usina do Gasômetro is located today, Porto Alegre has leisure and service structures ready for the oncoming of the century. At the big "churrascarias" (barbecue restaurants) and traditional centers, tourists encounter "chimarrão" (a piping hot herb tea served on special gourds called bombas/bombs) barbecue, typical dances and "gaúcho" tradition. Porto Alegre is a city of contrasts and monuments. The river is near the modern Beira-Rio (Riverside) Avenue, 5.5 in length, reach the South zone beaches. From Santa Tereza and Turista hills, one has a dazzling view, which extends to Viamão, Cachoeirinha, Alvorada, Guaíba and Gravataí, the neighboring counties.

The average annual temperature in Porto Alegre is below 19.5° C, with minimums ranging from 2° C to 15° C during the coldest periods, and maximums ranging from 21º C to 24º C in the warm weather.

How to get there
Main access highways: The capital city of the "gauchos" is connected by BR-290 and BR-116 federal highways to other Brazilian States as well as with Uruguay and Argentina.
Air Access: The Porto Alegre City Airport receives daily flights from Brazilian capital cities and other Mercosur countries.

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