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• Salvador

Bahia situated on the NE coast of Brazil is a lovely tropical state with white sandy beaches, coconut groves, golden sunshine, refreshing blue sea and great weather year round. It is the heart of Brazil. Once the economic, cultural and political center of the South Atlantic. Bahia is colonial, modern and mystical. White settler from Europe, black slaves from Africa, along with the native Indians built a harmonious life, which still prevails today. Salvador / The Saviour - capital of Bahia was the first capital of Brazil. It is divided into 2 - "Lower City" at sea level contains the old port and commercial district - "Upper City" is reached by stone steps and the Lacerda elevator, it contains the old government buildings, residential district, museums and churches. Salvador and its many beaches are there to be discovered and enjoyed. There are enough churches for each day of the year; majestic and simple: made of gold, silver and stone like the São Francisco and Senhor do Bonfim. There are many museums like the Costa Pinto, which portray the art, customs and life of the past. Fortresses built centuries ago in medieval style still stand. Pelourinho is considered the most important architectural setting in the world that has completely restored recently. Bahia is a unique architectonic monument, with its old mansions and houses. The warmth of the "Baianos" and their openness is evident. People of mixed blood - mulattos - the result of an incredible mixture of races: black, white and indian. Religious festivals like the Capoeira, a dance game originated from the slaves using a musical bow "berimbau", are fascinating. Bahia is known as the Land of All Saints. It is characterized by its profound and multiple religious beliefs specially Catholicism and Condomblé. Bahia is a fantastic mixing of religions, which constitutes a great part of Bahian soul.

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