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Customs Rules
Import regulations: Free import.
1. All passengers (quantities must be compatible with the duration of the stay and be for personal use only):
 - clothes and other articles for personal use of passenger;
 - books and periodicals;
 - any other articles with a total value not exceeding USD 500.- or equivalent in other currency.
2. In addition all international passengers may purchase up to USD 500.- (or equivalent in other currency) on articles available in the duty free shops on arrival at Brazilian airports. Quantities are limited to:
- alcoholic beverages (only to those age 18 years and older): 24 units of alcoholic beverages, with a max. of 12 units per type of beverage. Note a unit can be classed as either 75cl or 1 litre bottles;
 - tobacco products (only to those age 18 years and older): 400 cigarettes, 25 cigars, 250g tobacco;
 - 10 units of makeup items;
 - 3 units of watches, toys, games, electric or electronic equipment. 
Prohibited (unless previous authorization from Ministry of Agriculture has been obtained):
 - fresh fruit and vegetables;
 - meat, fresh, dried, canned or otherwise (cold cuts, ham, salted, etc) or meat products;
 - dairy products (i.e. milk, eggs, cheese etc.);
 - honey (royal jelly, beeswax, propolis, etc);
 - eggs and egg products;
 - fish and fish products:
 - flowers and plants, or parts thereof;
 - bulbs, seeds, seedlings or cuttings;
 - insects, snails, bacteria or fungi;
 - birds;
 - animal feed;
 - earths;
 - untreated wood
 - agrochemicals;
 - biological materials for scientific research and other purposes;
 - semen, embryos, biological or veterinary products.

Arms and Ammunition regulations: For firearms and ammunition: first consult the military attache at Brazil's embassy or consulate for additional information applicable to enter Brazil.

Export regulations: Free export of personal effects and objects for personal use.

Crew members customs regulations: Resident and non-resident crew may import clothes and other articles for personal use of passenger; for their own use and compatible with the duration of their stay.

Pets: Dogs and cats require original of International Zoosanitary Certificate issued within 10 days from date of departure (inclusive) and validated at  a brazilian consulate at the country of origin. The IZC, if not in Portuguese, may be required to be translated by a sworn translater. Pets may enter as passenger's checked baggage, in the cabin or as cargo. Copy of airwaybill for animals arriving as cargo is required.
A rabies vaccination certificate is required for animals older than 90 days of age, issued 30 days prior to the intended date of arrival, and valid for one year.

Baggage Clearance regulations: Baggage is cleared at the airport, where passenger disembarks from international flights. Exempt: baggage of transit passengers with a destination outside of Brazil.

Currency rules

Currency Import regulations: Same regulations as for export apply. Currency Export regulations: Local currency (Brazilian Real-BRL) and foreign currency: no restrictions up to BRL 10,000. - or equivalent.  Amounts higher than BRL 10,000. - or equivalent: must be declared.

Luggage Information
International Flights
For more information about check-in luggage, please reach your flight company.
Restrictions on luggage and allowed weight changes according to the ticket and destination. Generally 20 kg for Tourist class and 30 kg for Business Class.
For some destinations the luggage weight is not considered but only the
number of items.

Checked luggage

Adults may check up to 2 [two] volumes as personal luggage if they don’t exceed the total weight of 23 kg. Children under 2 [two] years of age do not have the right to carry any luggage and children between 2 [two] and 12 years old can carry up to 11,5kg of luggage.
Special luggage [considered special due to oversize or extra weight] will be charged for its difficulty of transportation. The tax of “extra-transportation” is R$100,00 [one hundred Reais] and will be charged at the check-in counter at the airport.
An excess fee will be charged whenever the baggage allowance is exceeded according to the flight class. In case of excess, it will be charged 0,5% over [Y] fare for the traveled segment, for each exceeding Kilogram. Luggage exceeding 70 kg should be transported as Cargo and not as regular luggage.

Hand luggage
Weight should not exceed 5 Kg and the sum of its dimension [height + width + length] should be 115 cm or 45 inches at most, otherwise the baggage should be checked.