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VISAS AND PERMITS: All foreigners must possess a passport. Brazilian regulations require that you show your passport when travelling from one city to another. Please have it on hand for such occasions. At other times, we suggest that you keep it in the hotel safety deposit box and carry a photocopy of the passport identification page.

  • The maximum stay conceded to a tourist initially is 90 days. This period may be renewed for another 90 days through authorization of the Federal Police.
  • Tourists are not permitted to work during the period they are in Brazil. Check with the nearest Brazilian consulate or embassy in your country to the obtain information regarding work visas.
  • No entry visa is required for tourists from Europe or South America
  • For visitors originating in countries which, pursuant to intergovernmental agreements, do require a visa for entering the country (like Canada and Unites States), the visa must be obtained at the Brazilian consulate. For further information, please contact your local embassy or consulate
  • Please see the list of all countries with Entrance Visas in Brazil - click here