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• Yacutinga Lodge

Yacutinga Lodge and its Wildlife Refuge are located on the Upper Iguazú River, on the northeastern extreme of Argentina, only 60 km away from Iguazú Falls.
The buildings are adjusted to the natural relief of the terrain, in harmony with surrounding Nature.
Native materials, such as stones and large logs from fallen trees have been successfully incorporated into the architectural concept of our place, which integrates completely with the natural Environment.
Only 4 hectares out of the 570-hectare area of the property have been used to build this unprecedented ecotourism complex in Argentina. During the construction process special care has been taken to minimize negative impacts on nature.
The main building, which includes the Reception, the main Restaurant, the Grill and the Sitting room, provides a special atmosphere because it is surrounded by a Palmetto (Euterpe edulis) stand, which is an endangered species endemic to this area.
From the Main Building, you can go to the garden down a huge log stair, where you will find the eccentrically shaped swimming pool that mimics the environment perfectly
Program : 3 days / 2 nights (daily)


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