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• Embiara Lodge

The lodge is strategically built so it's located next to an outlet of the Rio Negro River where a completely different show can be viewed.
The owners, American/Dutch couple Tina & Paul Grol, have taken on the responsibility of looking after the place and ensure that you understand and respect the fine balance of nature so that you can experience and enjoy the show of the flora and fauna in full Technicolor.
The homestead and the individually standing guest suites have been build so they blend in with their surroundings. Whether looking from the window of your quarters or walking around in the compounds of the lodge you can watch the film of life as it unfolds around you. The show is never the same, be it in the dry season or in the wet season, there is always something different occurring at the nature front.
The Embiara Lodge has been granted special VIP passes by their wildlife landlords to host a maximum of six guests at a time to ensure that the landlords are comfortable to expose themselves to their guests and that both have a special time in each others company. As such they have built two suite Chalets and have a double room in the main Lodge.
The Embiara lodge is the perfect place for families, VIPs, photographers who prefer their privacy.
The Embiara Lodge was build with a minimum impact on the existing nature and went through great cost and planning to achieve this. To bring energy from outside they used special transmission lines that could be brought through the jungle without having to fell a single tree and ensured that birds could get hurt by the structure.
The lodge structure was build in the forest nested under the tree canapé ensuring that no trees would be affected by the process. To avoid that the rainwater that falls from the roofs of the buildings causes erosion and dangerously expose tree roots, they collect the water and directed it to a subterranean storage tank so it can be used to irrigate the organic vegetable garden all year round. They allow that the fallen leaves of the trees in the lodge compound decompose naturally and replenish the surrounding soil.
They have also built elevated walkways so one can walk safely in the lodge compound area without causing adverse effects to the wildlife habitats that there occur .To ensure that the feline friends and other animals that are not comfortable to walk across the walkway they have left some openings for their passage. The animals that live in this habitat have become used to these passive ways and enchant daily with their sounds and beauty.
The activities include bird watching, game drives, horseback-riding, walking tours, boat tours and fly fishing.
The access is by land which requires the passage of 39 gates along private farms dirt roads which is only drivable in the dry season (end of May to January) in a 4wheel drive. Otherwise access is only by small private planes that land on the grass/dirt airstrips located on the farm.


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