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• Rio Mutum - 5Nts - SIB

Reception upon arrival at the Cuiaba airport. Transfer by car to Pousada do Rio Mutum approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes on route passing through the small town of Santo Antonio do Leverger and the villages of Porto de Fora, and Mimoso. Mimoso is the place Marechal Candido Rondon was born. On the way to the lodge it will be possible to spot birds, small animals, landscapes, and typical buildings Pantanal native people.
Candido Rondon was borned in Mimoso in 1865, and was the creator of Brazil's Indian Protection Service (now FUNAI). He is a national hero in Brazil. Shortly before his death in 1958, Candido Rondon was awarded with the military rank of Marshall (Marechal) - making him Brazil's highest - ever ranking officer. The famous motto he created for the Sertanistas was "Die if necessary, but never kill"
General Candido Mariano de Silva Rondon was the originator of the Indian Protection Service institution. General Rondon was a colorful personality, a blend of soldier and apostle and he was nominated the
Nobel Peace Prize several quarters including the ‘Explorers Club'.
The necessity of the Brazilian Government to erect telegram lines in Mato grosso state and to extend it Cuiaba to Araquaia on the borders of Goias state, forced Rondon to carry out this work to maintain and extend the telegraphic communications.
Between 1890 and 1930, Rondon managed to complete the erection of 4.000 miles of telegram wires in the remotest wilds of Brazil while at the same time he carried out important geographical and geological surveys in the course of which he discovered and mapped no fewer than fifteen large rivers. He was also involved with anthropological and mineralogical studies for the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro.
Rondon joined the famous expedition of Theodore Roosevelt to Rio da Duvida (River of Doubt) as an experienced guide in 1914.
Rondon came into contact with many Indian tribes during his long expeditions, and was deeply shocked by the inhuman treatment to which they were subjected by white men. The Indians found Rondon a great friend and protector. In spite of the fact that he was a soldier, Rondon served peace and fought fearlessly for the Indian's right to humane treatment, to live a life of his own according to his beliefs and ancient inherited customs.
A certain Roosevelt time said: "America can present to the world two great accomplishments, to the north the Channel of Panama and to the south the geographic conquests of Candido Rondon."
During the rainy season (December to April) the transfer may be 2 hours drive plus 30 minutes by boat, the second part is the stretch between the Rio Mutum Bridge and the lodge. After your arrival at the lodge, reception and welcome drink. After check-in, lecture and introduction to the Pantanal region, with presentation of cartographic maps and satellite images. And for lovers of nature, the possibility after the lecture a short walk to observe the various species of birds and other animals that inhabit the private area of the lodge.
Early evening is served tasty piranha broth and then dinner with typical dishes of the region. Overnight at Mutum Lodge.

(Dinner is included)

After breakfast, an ecological walk, approximately 3 hours, to explore the nature, passing through wood areas, forests and open fields in search of birds, mammals, reptiles, plants and other components of the Pantanal ecosystem. Return for lunch.
By the afternoon boat ride on the Mutum River, approximately 3 hours. In this transparent waters and winding river ways, besides the vegetation in the river course you can observe giant otters (Pteronura brasiliensis) rays (lymma Taeniura) and shoals of small fish. And on its banks, several species of birds whose natural vegetation habitat. Return to the lodge. Dinner.
After dinner, night spotlighting by jeep or boat, approximately 2 hours, exploring the surroundings in search of nocturnal creatures and contemplation of the wetland environment. Overnight.
(Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included)

After breakfast, tour with approximately 3 hours, down the Mutum river by canoe up the hill that separates the bays of Sia Mariana and Chacororé. In this place starts a trail which favors the observation of birds, monkeys and other animals. See the diversity of the Pantanal flora, represented by the wide variety of plants with totally different characteristics of the vegetation of wetlands. Interestingly, we find here the cactus (Cereus peruvianus) originally native to dry regions such as the caatinga. Return to the lodge for lunch.
By the afternoon a land safari by jeep to a village named Capoeirinha, distant about 15 km the lodge. This activity is approximately 3 hours, during the tour we will in search of one of the bird species most threatened of extinction in Pantanal: the hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus). Late afternoon drive back exploring the way in search of spotting mammals and other animals. Dinner and overnight.
(Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included)

After breakfast a horseback riding, about 3 hours, up a typical farm on the border of Sia Mariana Bay. This path is excellent for observing the local flora and fauna throughout the year, you will be surprised by the diversity of species. Lunch at the lodge.
By the afternoon a boat ride, about 3 hours, visiting a fishing village on the banks of Rio Cuiaba. This village named Cuiabá Mirim is a lovely spot by the simplicity and spontaneity of its inhabitants. It is possible to interact with the native people, living fishing and subsistence agriculture, appreciate their customs and peaceful coexistence with the environment. Return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.
(Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included)

After breakfast, a canoe tour about 3 hours paddling the Mutum River. The River with its rare and unique beauty with pace of flood and drought affects all life in the Pantanal. Its singular topography at the Pousada Rio Mutum area, you can find throughout all the year different landscapes and a huge biodiversity. Return to the lodge for lunch.
By the afternoon a boat ride, about 3 hours down the Mutum River up the Sia Mariana bay (8 km extension in the North / South direction). During this tour we will explore the banks of the bay and the channel connecting both bays the Sia Mariana bay and Chacororé bay. Along all year can be observed different species of birds, reptiles and other animals (during the the rain season the Chacororé bay can exceeds 15 km in length in open area). Stop for sunset and piranha fishing. On the way back to the lodge a night spotlighting activity in search for animals. Dinner and overnight.

The piranha fishing occurs in the months of March to October. In the period November 1 to February 28, it is prohibited to fish in rivers, lakes and bays of Mato Grosso, because it is the period of breeding fish (Piracema).
(Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included).

4:30 a.m. – Sunrise tour. Paddling in canoes about 1 hour and 30 minutes and appreciate the dazzling spectacle of the awakening of nature in the Pantanal. Return to the lodge for breakfast followed by checkout and drive back to Cuiabá airport. Arrive in time for your connecting flight to another destination.
(Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included).

We reserve the right to modify and replace the program sequence for
NOTE: Operational and security reasons, climate change or other factors beyond our control.
Time for meals:
Breakfast: 6:30 to 8:00 Lunch: 12:00 to 13:30 Dinner: 19:30 to 21:00

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